I first tried a local county bank for my loan since the property was 233 acres with a house that was built in 1842. …I was putting 20% down and have excellent credit and was told it could close within 30 days. After 45 days and numerous requests to me, the appraiser, and title company, [as well as] changing the loan to me putting down 50%, I was fed up and called Will. Will and Nancy got us approved through underwriting in less than 24 hours. They closed the entire loan in 19 days and by the way we are both self-employed. We got a 30 year fixed, with 20% down and a better interest rate. Will Jacobs and his wife Nancy did a GREAT JOB and gave us a better loan. …Next time I will only make one phone call and that is to Will and Nancy. 🙂 They had NO PROBLEM with our finances and getting our loan done!!!!!