Uncertain, under-resourced, not quite informed, and unlearned about the intricacies of home buying, I was significantly doubtful it was even possible. But there was THAT dream that won’t let go, which eventually compelled me to email you. I was only going to ask questions, but before I knew it, your entire arsenal of experts, resources, advocacy, calculations, and projections were all around me. I also need to highlight Mirela over and over again – she is phenomenal! As a first-time homebuyer, you addressed all my questions straightforwardly, and you never treated me naive or ridiculously way over my head. Instead, you guided, equipped, and reassured me so that I can walk the journey with confidence. There were a lot of heartbreaks and disappointments, but looking back, each one was providential. I was able to bounce back more introspectively, realistically, astute, and ready about my choices. I can only imagine the conversations, actions, and counter-actions you and your team have done behind the scenes to fortify and guarantee my qualifications as a homebuyer. And so here we are finally – with a home, at a superb rate. I am earnestly humbled and grateful.