When I think of Jeff and Mirela, two words come to mind, “Miracle Workers”. My dreams of owning a home again came to a screeching halt two years ago due to high student loan debt. In fact, after being turned away by many lenders who were not willing to take the challenge of working around my student loan obstacle, I simply resolved to renting for the rest of my life. Then, by what seemed an answer to a prayer, God connected me with Jeffery, who at the outset recognized my student loan challenges. Nevertheless, he was willing to invest the extra time and energy to make my homeownership dream a reality. Because of their dedication and commitment to making the impossible possible, I can proudly say that I am once again a homeowner. I will definitely recommend this team a zillion times over. Thanks again to Jeff and Mirela for going beyond and above and allowing yourselves to be used by God as mountain movers in my quest to owning a home!!!