As a realtor, we understand your client may have questions about financing their future home. Which financing solution should they choose? When should they start discussing their options? And, perhaps most importantly, which lender should they choose?

It’s important to be able to discuss potential solutions with your buyer, but without the help of a certified mortgage professional, you don’t want to steer them in the wrong direction.

First Heritage’s Jeffrey Neilsen shares three tips your client should know about financing their future home.

1. Financing is the most important piece. Do it early.

Nothing is more important than the financing for their home. Buyers may commit to 30-year mortgage terms, so it’s crucial to select the best option up front and do it early in the homebuying process. By waiting until later, homebuyers may sacrifice thousands of dollars. Money is on the line – don’t wait to secure financing.

2. Filing your taxes? Wait until your lender can take a look.

If your client plans on filing their taxes during the homebuying process, it may be beneficial to have the lender take a look first. The lender can share their expertise to help you get your buyer in to the right house at the right price, and may be the difference between buying their home this year vs. next year. Don’t let them file without lender approval.

3. The lender letter matters.

It’s a competitive market. When the seller receives multiple offers on a home, the lender your buyer has chosen may make the difference in whether that seller accepts the offer. Certain lenders have established names that carry trust. Make sure the seller receives an offer letter from a reputable lender. Strength of letter and reputation of the lender are paramount.


Money is on the line – don’t wait to secure financing.


Financing is a major factor in the homebuying process. If you want a confident, qualified buyer, be sure to connect them with a lender early in the process. The lender can work hand-in-hand to ensure your buyer has peace of mind throughout the process.

Do you have questions? Speak with one of our certified mortgage professionals today!