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How an FHA 203(k) Loan Can Help You Buy a Home and Finance Renovations

Post Buying a fixer-upper, or a house that needs some renovations, can be a really rewarding experience. Not only do you get more house for your spend, but you’ll build a bond with it­ – literally. You’ll be investing your time…
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5 Things You Should Know About Non-Qualified Mortgages

Post You’re ready to start your home buying journey, but even the first step in the process can leave you questioning how you will finance your home purchase. If you’re planning to apply for a qualified mortgage with a W-2 job…
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Can You Get a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Post In Partnership With If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy or have already gone through the process, you’re probably wondering how this affects your ability to get a mortgage, and if you can even qualify for one at all. It can…
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Throwing an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Party

Post New Year’s Eve is usually the culmination of a busy month of family gatherings, parties, and other social events. It’s the last big hurrah before things settle back to our regular routines. That’s why New Year’s Eve parties are a…
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Why You Should Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage

Post When you decide to buy a home, you’re faced with many questions that you need answers to. Do I make enough income to buy a house? How much of a house can I afford? What kind of mortgage am I…
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How to Sell Your House and Buy a New One at the Same Time

Post Like the seasons of the year, there are seasons of our lives when our housing needs transition too. A key leap is when you realize the need to move to a new house and sell your current one. Most of…
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