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Home Buyer Story: Josselyn and Miguel

Post The Process How long is the journey to home ownership? A month, two months, a year…or longer? The first time I met Josselyn and Miguel was at their closing after working with them for only two months. Their journey to…
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Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Loans

As a homeowner, the idea of moving from your current home to a new home can seem like a headache. How do you handle a new mortgage, when you still are paying your current mortgage? So what happens when you’ve…
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DIY Projects to Make Your Pet Feel at Home

Post Toys and treats aren’t the only items you can spoil your pet with. From cozy beds to multi-purpose wall hangers, you can pamper your furry friend and spruce up your home at the same time. Here are 5 DIY projects…
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5 Smart Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Post Receiving a check from the IRS is exciting – but making the decision on what to actually do with the extra money in your pocket can be difficult. You worked hard for your tax refund, so now it’s your refund’s…
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Everything You Need to Know About Gift Funds

Post Despite being able to afford the monthly mortgage payments, occasionally potential buyers avoid a home purchase because they lack the funds for a down payment. Many home buyers struggle scrapping up money for a down payment – which is why…
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Homeownership Essentials: Property Taxes

Post With homeownership comes a whole lot of new and foreign responsibilities that buyers may not have ever known about. For many, property taxes are one of those responsibilities that may be confusing to understand at first. However, being able to…
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