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How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Post Are you interested in improving your home’s energy efficiency, and more importantly, lowering your homeownership costs? Most everyone would answer yes. A better question that’s usually on your mind when considering home upgrades is whether or not they will create…
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What Are Mortgage Points?

Post When you’re financing a house, there are many terms and processes you might not be familiar with, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. Most buyers consider their interest rate the single most important aspect of their loan, so getting the…
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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Announce New Refinance Programs for Low-Income Families

Post Last year was exceptional for many reasons. For homeowners, an unexpected positive result of the pandemic was historically low interest rates. These low rates resulted in the most refinances in nearly two decades. While many Americans took advantage of these…
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Get Your Back Yard Ready for Summer

Post Summertime is here! For most homeowners, that means sunny days, warmer weather, and more time spent outdoors. You might be planning to host a barbecue and invite friends and family over or to simply relax and soak in some sun…
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How to Refresh Your Home and Create the Best Home Office

Post We’ve all adjusted to some form of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. What may have started out as make-shift desks and valiant attempts at perfecting your video chat background have now become a standard part of the workplace…
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What is the Point of an HOA?

Post If you live in a condominium, townhouse, or a single-family home in a planned development, chances are you have a homeowner’s association (HOA). HOAs offer key benefits that people enjoy in their communities, such as managing maintenance, maintaining the exterior…
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