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Purchasing a house is one of the largest investments in most people’s lives. Creating a home from that house is the next challenge. Making good use on the investment in each item can help keep you happy for many years. Using some simple concepts, your space can become your home.

But, how do you do that?

I am going to explain to you how to use timeless style to create a timeless home. First, we need some definitions of terms. I have found that many words in home furnishings are used interchangeably. I am limiting this conversation to “Classic” and “Trendy” design.

Classic Design

Classic design is using tried and true ideas. Think of this as timeless design. These are layouts and furniture that you have seen before done in your style. It also means that pieces that are in your current home can be reused somewhere in your next home. Maybe they end up with different uses, or in different rooms, but they look great and have a timeless decor feel to them.

Classic does not have to be boring. But, classic needs to be timeless. It is possible to create a timeless design look in any style using some of the classic building blocks. The blocks I use most often are symmetry, color, texture, and personal accents.


Symmetry is the use of pairs or a series of the same object. This could be a pair of the same chairs, three pieces of art of the same size, or a series of the same accessory.

Symmetry is shown in this client’s home with a pair of chairs and the floating glass shelves.


Color can be used to unify a space. For example, all of the furniture could be the same color and the walls a different color. This has lately been very popular with the “grey” furniture in a grey room. This has been done in the past with mahogany or brown furniture.

This show house room is unified by the color yellow used on walls, draperies, and furniture.


When I say texture, I really mean texture and pattern. The same texture can be used on all of the furniture, even in different colors. This can also be done with pattern, perhaps everything is in a herringbone pattern.

This shot of a client’s new kitchen needs a little explanation to show the texture connection. The stain glass backsplash design is taken from the stain glass windows that are original to the home. So, the texture and pattern of the glass unify the space.

Personal Accents

Personal accents are a way to unify a space and add interest. Maybe you have lived in India, use that country to create a style. This can mean accessories, art, or fabrics. I would consider this a theme room. Another way to use accents is to document your travel or history. These are ideas that will not go out of style, because they refer to your life.

This is a shot of a client’s entry and living room. Here we can read their history. There are objects from Africa, a painting from France, an English fire screen, and a university chair.

Trendy Design

Trendy to me is a way to give your spaces a current look. These are items that you will be willing to replace after several years because they will look dated. But, for now, they give us a look that is interesting and not boring! This explains the way that I use trendy.

The image below shows a bright “current” color used as an accent in a space. When the thrill of the color wears off, it will be easy to refresh the space. This is a way to satisfy the need for a change every once in a while.

This was the trendy pink “color of the year” used as an in-a-home office.

The take away from this article should be to invest in pieces that fit the timeless idea, or have a timeless design to them. Using some of the concepts above should help you achieve the timeless look to your home. Outside of that, have inexpensive fun with trendy pieces.

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