If you’re planning on selling your home, you may also be thinking of different ways to boost its value. However, with the many remodeling ideas, choosing the right upgrades can be quite tricky — especially when you are working on a tight budget. Luckily, various quick fixes can upgrade your home and make it stand out in the neighborhood.

These quick DIY fixes are affordable and very effective. Plus, you don’t need to be an experienced woodworker to increase the value of your home. Here are a few quick fixes that can increase the value of your home.

Add Crown Molding

Adding crown molding to your home is one of the many simple DIY woodworking tips that can improve the entire décor of your living room. Crown moldings give your home a memorable detail that impresses many buyers as it gives your home a luxurious finish. The good thing about this upgrade is that it is inexpensive and relatively easy to install.

All you need are some pieces of crown molding and a miter saw, and you are good to go.

Make Sure You Have the Right Kind of Lighting

Lighting is one of the main upgrades that can improve your house’s value, so you should make sure each room has the right kind of lighting. You can install task lighting in your kitchen and mood lighting in your bedrooms.

Remember, each room should have a significant amount of natural light, which is more beautiful than artificial light. Changing light fittings and fixtures can make a considerable difference.

Keep the Color of Your Home as Neutral as Possible

If your home has different colors and patterns on the walls, you should consider keeping it neutral and uniform. Neutral colors might seem boring to some people, but we all have different tastes. Remember, you can never go wrong with a neutral color. You should consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint.

Change the Door Knobs

When the time comes for you to place your house on the market, you will realize that small details can affect your home’s value. One that will never go unnoticed is the door knobs.

A simple door knob can be an inexpensive and excellent upgrade for your home. When you decide to upgrade, be sure to replace all the door knobs in the home and consider the era of your home. The style should match your home’s design and era to keep the aesthetic consistent.

Focus on Upgrading the Curb Appeal

The first part of your home that all potential buyers notice when they visit is the front yard and the door. Your primary focus should be to improve the curb appeal of your home.

Some simple things like planting flowers, cutting the grass, and getting rid of weeds can upgrade your home. You can also install a new mailbox or make your entryway and door more appealing. All these upgrades play a vital role in your home’s overall value and can attract potential buyers before they even step into your home.

Make the Home More Efficient

There are a number of ways you can upgrade your house’s efficiency, and many of the upgrades are not expensive. One of the best methods to increase the efficiency of your home is to install a smart thermostat. This upgrade can allow you to control your home’s climate from anywhere in the house, allowing you to manage energy costs.

Connecting a smart thermostat to your home’s HVAC can make your home energy efficient and comfortable. Other upgrades that can make a home efficient include adding insulation, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, and replacing leaky windows.

Declutter and Clean Your Home

According to a survey done by HomeLight in 2019, decluttering and deep cleaning can increase the price of your home by about $4,000. If you don’t plan on selling, you can live in an organized home with less clutter and more space.

Decluttering and cleaning is an inexpensive upgrade, but it will take a lot of time. You can start by going through your closet and donating the pile to charity or your local thrift shop. You can clean all the storage spaces and drawers in the house. This upgrade can help you create more space in the house and make it livable and attractive.

Upgrade the Appliances

Upgrading your appliances is one of the leading remodeling projects that can improve your home’s kitchen. Remember, a kitchen is an essential part of your home, so if doing a full remodel is impossible at the moment, you can try and replace a few things.

You can start by replacing your mismatched appliances. For example, if your refrigeration and microwave clash, you can purchase an appliance that complements the entire kitchen. You can also try and match the color and design of your backsplash, tabletop, and floor tiles.

Upgrade the Outdoor Lighting

Homeowners can often increase the price of their homes by spending a little cash on outdoor lighting. Reliable outdoor lighting can light up the front part of your home and the garden while making sure that you can easily walk at night. In addition to looking great, outdoor lighting can also help deter thieves.

Refresh the Woodwork

A considerable percentage of the woodwork in your home gets dull over time, and this can affect the entire décor of your home. Therefore, your wooden patio, cabinets, and furniture can benefit from a coat of oil-based wood soap. These cleaning products can revive your woodwork’s natural shine. In addition to restoring life to the wood in your home, you can also patch all the holes and scratches on your woodwork. If the damage is too severe, you can repaint it to restore its aesthetic.

For most homeowners, their house is one of their main assets, and there is a lot that can be done to increase its value. However, most remodeling projects are tedious and quite costly. Don’t let that stop you, especially with the many simple, quick fixes available that can give your home a new look. These quick fixes are inexpensive and relatively painless.

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