You probably think of ice skating or skiing when you think of winter activities, but buying your next home during these cold months could be a winter activity that saves you money and makes the moving process easier.

That might seem a little counterintuitive, given that snow and freezing temperatures don’t seem very inviting for house hunting and packing up your belongings.

One of the biggest perks of buying a home in the winter is less competition from other buyers because of the weather conditions and lower home sales and moving activity overall. That is just one of the advantages we will plow through as we explain how buying a home during winter can be to your benefit.

There’s Less Competition from Other Buyers

A major benefit of buying a home during winter you’ve probably already thought about is that searching during this time means you’ll be competing against fewer buyers. Cold, windy, and often snowy conditions aren’t the most inviting for venturing out of your own warm space to go tour houses. And in a seller’s market, any opportunity to visit houses with fewer buyers cramping up your space is one you should jump on.

You’ll get to walk through your top picks without being rushed or having to wait on other homebuyers visiting at the same time as you. You can also use that additional time to go more in-depth in your visits. You’ll be able to take things slower and avoid missing any key details of the home.

Less competition from other buyers also means you’re less likely to encounter a bidding war, which increases your chances of getting your offer accepted.

Sellers Are More Likely to Make a Deal

While the convenience of fewer buyers competing for homes on the market may seem obvious, it also typically equates to potential cost savings on your purchase. Since there is less demand for homes in the winter, sellers are often more willing to negotiate on price.

Sellers pay close attention to how long their home is on the market, and as the days drag on, they may be willing to reduce their asking price or accept a lower offer. Sometimes they’re even forced to lower the price because they need to meet deadlines if they’re also purchasing a new home.

Having an experienced negotiator as your real estate agent is the best way to capitalize on this opportunity to save some money as you buy a home in the winter.

Winter Conditions Can Expose Needed Repairs and Upgrades

A practical benefit of winter home shopping is that you’ll get to see your next home during some of the worst weather of the year. From freezing rain to sleet and snow, this bitter season brings it all. That’s a good thing for you, because it will expose how ready the home is for those tough conditions.

You’ll get to verify firsthand the quality of the insulation, ensure there aren’t any problems with the heating system, and double-check there are no leaks or other issues with the roof. It’s also an ideal time to feel for any breezes coming in through window seals, which is usually an indicator that it’s time to upgrade older windows.

Lenders and Real Estate Agents Usually Have More Availability

While the beginning of the winter is usually a busy time for everyone, after the holidays, you’ll find that most lenders and real estate agents have lighter loads to manage.

These trusted partners who make your home purchase possible will probably be easier to reach during these months. They’re also more likely to have additional bandwidth, allowing them to exceed the outstanding level of personalized service they’re already known for.

While this is helpful because it means better customer service, it also facilitates a more efficient purchase process. You’ll be less likely to experience delays than you would during busier months, affected by higher volumes and market pressures.

It Can Be Easier to Find a Good Moving Company

Finally, once you select a house, negotiate a price, and have a closing date in sight, the lower volume of home sales will help you get settled into your new place with less stress, too.

The decline in sales volume in the wintertime, as you could have guessed, means fewer household moves. Fewer families moving means that moving companies are eager for your business. Finding a great, reliable moving company that’s available will be easier, and you might even be able to snag a better deal on the price tag as well.

All this talk about buying a home in the winter might have motivated you to evaluate your home buying goals. If you’re ready to add buying a home to your list of winter activities, start your mortgage process with our team today.

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