We’ve all heard of spring cleaning – that time of the year when you’re supposed to empty out your closets and cabinets, reorganize, and get rid of everything you don’t really need. Spring cleaning is an important way many of us mentally prepare to leave winter behind and fully embrace what the new season will bring.

You might not have thought about how springtime maintenance can do the same thing for your home –getting it ready to emerge from the winter blues. It’s a great time to check for repairs your home might need or just to give it some sprucing up. Get your ladders and paintbrushes ready as we bring you a spring maintenance starter pack.

Inspect Your Roof, Gutters, Driveways, and Walkways

The first area of your home you should inspect for springtime repairs is your roof and gutters. Winter weather like snow and sleet are rough on your roof, particularly if you haven’t replaced or repaired it in a while.

You should do a visual inspection, either using a ladder or even by taking a photo with your phone. On your roof, look for missing shingles, signs of leaking or cracking, and damaged or missing pipes. For the gutters, you’ll want to clear out any debris and look for holes and signs of sagging.

After you’ve got the top-most areas tackled, it’s time to look to the ground. Inspect your driveway and walkways, checking for cracking in the concrete or asphalt. You can fill in any cracks with concrete filler or silicone caulk. And if it goes beyond your DIY abilities, reach out to a professional for repair and replacement options.

Retouch Your Home’s Exterior Paint

Whether it’s been a while since your home got a facelift, or you just want to switch things up, spring is an excellent time to repaint your home’s exterior. Just like your roof, gutters, and concrete, winter can be harsh on your home’s exterior paint.

Add retouching or entirely repainting your home’s exterior to your spring home maintenance list. It can be a great DIY project, or you can hire a painter to get that perfect look you’re going for. However you get the job done, your shiny, new paint job will be sure to turn some neighbors’ heads and add to your home’s value.

Check Your Sprinklers and Irrigation System

As the cold weather clears out to make way for warmer days, homeowners with some yard space often want to kickstart their greenery’s comeback. Make sure you’re ready for your spring gardening by checking your sprinklers and irrigation system.

Some common damage that happens to these systems during the winter is head damage and cracked pipes. After a visual inspection, give your sprinklers a test run to make sure they’re ready for their floral spring debut.

Repair Windows, Doors, and Screened Porches

During wintertime, you can usually notice gaps in your door and window seals thanks to a chilly draft. As spring sets in, you’ll instead most likely notice it because of unwelcome bugs making their way inside. For the next item on your spring maintenance checklist, you’ll want to check your windows and doors for needed repairs.

The improved weather makes it an ideal time to install new doors and windows. Installing them will help reduce any critters from coming inside and keep your cooling and heating costs in check year-round.

If you have a screened-in deck or porch, you should also check those screens for any tears or holes. Most of the time they can be easily repaired with a screen repair kit. With any screen rips repaired, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor area without any interruption from mosquitos or other pests.

Get a Consultation for Any Problem Areas

This spring maintenance checklist will help you get a head start on common repairs homeowners face after winter. While we’ve given you a solid list, it won’t cover everything you should inspect at your home. As you’re doing your spring cleaning and fixing issues around the house, take note of anything unusual. If you see signs of a leak, feel a draft, or see some unexpected critters, isolate what needs to be fixed.

If a particular repair is more than you feel comfortable tackling, don’t be afraid to reach out to a professional. It’s better to get any issues handled early and fixed completely.

By starting right away, you’ll be able to avoid having what might start as a small repair that balloons into a larger issue. Best of all, you’ll have everything done in time to enjoy the long, warm summer days.

Home maintenance is essential to protecting the equity you’re building in your home. Fixing any issues you find will also leave you with a sense of satisfaction. At First Heritage Mortgage, we believe that homeownership is a journey. Our team is here to support you, from the time you buy your first home to keeping up with everything you’ll need to know as a homeowner, like this spring maintenance checklist.