Celebrating Independence Day on the Fourth of July is a tradition literally as old as our country! On July 4, 1777, the Continental Congress started this tradition when celebrations were organized to recognize the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Even back then, they had fireworks. And they’ve been an integral part of July Fourth festivities ever since. Most cities throughout the United States put on their own fireworks display to bring fellow citizens together to remember the importance of this day.

In addition to community fireworks displays, many homeowners enjoy buying fireworks of their own to use at home and fire off after a barbecue or party. If you’re going to create your own fireworks show in your backyard, you’ll want to check out these planning and safety tips to make sure it ends spectacularly.

Check What’s Allowed in Your Area

When you think of fireworks, you probably picture friends and family together on this special holiday. They’re a fun part of our Independence Day celebrations. But they can be dangerous if you don’t take proper safety precautions.

It’s for that reason that some local laws and regulations restrict or ban fireworks in their jurisdictions. Although each state has different restrictions for at-home firework displays, 49 states plus the District of Columbia allow some or all types of consumer fireworks. Get familiar with your state’s laws on fireworks before you head out to buy some.

Only Use Legitimate Fireworks

Consumer fireworks that are sold in your area by a licensed dealer will comply with all required safety regulations and come with instructions for their use. You should use each firework on its own, according to its instructions.

Combining fireworks or building make-shift combinations is dangerous and can have unpredictable results. It’s best to stick to lighting one at a time according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Know the Fireworks You’re Setting Off

Even if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to read instructions, you should take the time to read all safety labels, warnings, and instructions if you’re lighting fireworks for your at-home display. If a firework doesn’t have a safety label or instructions, you shouldn’t use it.

Keep Children Away from the Lighting Area

Kids are naturally curious, and many are excited to experience a fireworks show. Your teenager may even want to help with shooting some off. But no children should be nearby when you’re lighting fireworks.

The International Association of Fire Fighters reports that a third of injuries related to fireworks happen to children 15 and younger. Prevent burns, hearing loss, and other potential injuries by keeping your kids a safe distance away from your launch zone.

Dispose of Duds and Discarded Firework Material Properly

The safest way to light fireworks at home is one at a time. When you’re done with each one, you should soak it in water. After you’re done with your personal fireworks show, it’s recommended that you wait 30 minutes after the last one to start cleaning up, giving them ample time to cool off and soak in water.

Sometimes duds happen – a firework that you light, but doesn’t go off. You should never relight a dud. It could potentially fire while you’re trying to relight it or combust on the ground. Instead, you should leave it where it is for about half an hour and soak it in a bucket of water before tossing it. Once you’re ready to dispose of all of your fireworks materials, you can put them in a metal trashcan away from buildings and materials that could potentially catch fire.

Have a Safety Plan in Place

If you follow these tips, industry guidelines, and local regulations, you’ll be on the right path to enjoy a fun and safe fireworks display in your backyard.

Still, it’s always important to prepare for what you may need to do in an emergency situation. Refresh yourself on basic first aid and designate at least one person to call for emergency services if needed.

With a safety plan in place, you’ll be fully prepared to enjoy your personal fireworks show.

By keeping safety in mind when you’re buying fireworks and when setting them off during your Independence Day celebrations, you’ll get to enjoy a fun, worry-free gathering.

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