Your front yard is the first impression people will have of your home, so naturally, you want it to be a good representation of the care you’ve put into your space. It’s also an opportunity to show off your creative style for both your guests and neighbors to enjoy.

An added bonus is that a well-curated front yard can also add quite a bit of value to your property. Realtor Magazine’s research found that landscaping can add six percent to your home’s resale value. It can also help you cut your energy costs.

So what should you focus on to spruce up your front yard? We will help you get started with the six best front yard landscaping tips.

Mix Evergreens and Annuals in Your Flowerbed

Contrasting the earthy tones of evergreen bushes and trees against vibrant flowers will give your flowerbed a pop of color while making it easy to manage year-round.

This can be an especially useful mixture in areas like the Northeast, where summer brings blazing temperatures that give way to cold, snowy winters. In the winter, you’ll enjoy the stability of your evergreens, and you’ll get to look forward to the bright colors returning in spring.

Curate Well-Manicured Walkways and Driveways

It might seem basic, but a clean walkway, lined with mulch or well-groomed greenery, will present a polished look to all passersby. It’s a hybrid embrace of nature in the rest of your yard, in contrast to the clean living space you curate inside your home.

If you want to add a touch more technology and human element, you can line your driveway and walkways with lightning to build up the ambiance of your landscaping for you to enjoy even in the evenings.

When done well, these features which aid in the human utilization of your front yard can complement a sense of nature you’re curating with your gardening efforts.

Build Planters from Upcycled Materials

A great way to show off your unique style and add a whimsical touch to your front yard landscaping is by using things you already have lying around.

For example, you can take an old bike that doesn’t work anymore and add flowers to the handlebars and behind the seat, and you’ve got a memorable planter that’s also a great conversation piece.

As you’re cleaning out parts of your home, keep an open mind for items you could repurpose for your garden. Some other interesting planter ideas you might consider repurposing are old chandeliers, ladders, wheelbarrows, and laundry baskets.

Create Natural Divisions with Rock Features

If you’re looking for a natural way to split up areas of your yard, consider adding in some rock features. From gravel walkways to stone gardens to boulders – there are lots of ways you can use rocks to break up your front yard.

Using rocks in your front yard will also add some contrast, especially if you’ve got a lot of flowers and greenery. And on top of the visual appeal, they can also help manage water runoff from your roof or property elevation.

Plant Some Trees

You might think of planting trees to provide shade or to create a natural fence for your yard, but they can also help you save money. Planting a tree on the west side of your house can reduce your air conditioning usage in the summer months by as much as 30 percent. They can also act as windbreakers, cutting down on your winter heating costs too.

They are also big features in your yard and can provide balance alongside other landscaping elements you’re building out.

Give Your Front Yard Some Local Flair

Staying true to your local area can make it both cost-effective and easier to improve your home’s front yard landscape. Local rocks, flowers, plants, and other elements will be more accessible because they exist naturally in your region and will usually end up costing you less.

Highlighting your regional identity also tends to help with resale value because it’s what other homebuyers tend to be looking for in a home.

Whether you’re looking to go all out with a renaissance for your front yard, or you implement some of the cost-effective and low-maintenance tips we covered, you will definitely impress your neighbors and stand out amongst other home listings with your new front yard landscaping.

If you’re considering selling your home, reach out to our team to learn more about how landscaping can help improve your sale price. We’re the experts in lending and can get you connected to the best real estate agents in the markets we serve too.

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