FHM has welcomed 23 loan officers to the team so far this year. 

FAIRFAX, Va. – First Heritage Mortgage (FHM) onboarded 23 new loan officers across the company since the beginning of the year, representing an over 20% increase in the production team. This record first-quarter growth nearly eclipses the company’s entire 2023 recruiting. 

FHM’s tremendous growth can be attributed to several factors. Senior company leadership point to a supportive workplace culture, an array of lending products that are both attractive to its loan officers and fit the needs of its clients, and effective company strategies that address current market conditions. 

“First Heritage Mortgage has welcomed so many talented professionals to our team,” said Bud Wilkinson, EVP, Business & Cultural Development. “We are both excited and humbled by the amazing growth of our production team, especially in such a challenging market. Much of our success can be attributed to our partnership with Daiwa House and Stanley Martin Homes (SMH), which allows us to reward great self-sourced loan officers with SMH subdivisions. We look forward to sharing this organic growth opportunity with many more deserving loan officers as we continue to expand in this challenging market.” 

The strategic partnership between FHM, Daiwa House, and Stanley Martin Homes combines each company’s strengths for mutual growth This collaboration, where FHM captures approximately 80% of SMH’s business, significantly benefits FHM’s standout loan officers by potentially boosting their existing loan pipelines by up to 30%.  

Despite this segment historically accounting for less than 25% of FHM’s overall business, it plays a crucial role in the company’s strategy. This strategy is centered on diversification and delivering superior service, underpinned by strong partnerships with industry leaders like Daiwa House and Stanley Martin, driving sustained growth. 

In addition to the collaboration with Daiwa House and SMH, FHM is supported by a network of more than 25 esteemed builder partners, as well as countless real estate agent partnerships. These alliances contribute significantly to the organization’s success, and allow the company to attract top-producing loan officers across the markets it serves.  

FHM welcomed both individual loan officers and high-performing teams of loan officers throughout its entire lending footprint. In Virginia, nine new loan officers joined the company, along with six based in Maryland, and five based in South Carolina. 

By hiring loan officers throughout its entire branch structure, including Florida and North Carolina, FHM continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing exceptional service with local expertise in all the markets it serves. 

Looking toward the future, FHM remains steadfast in its focus on fostering a thriving environment for its loan officers and unparalleled service to its clients. With a solid foundation built on relationships, innovation, and integrity, FHM is poised for continued growth and excellence.