LoanNow Mobile App

Innovative technology that allows your clients to effortlessly move through all aspects of the home buying process directly from the palm of their hand.

Give Clients the Loan App They Want

With LoanNow, we’ve made everything more convenient for your clients. Our app provides mobile-first technology to make the home buying process simple and stress-free. We put all the tools you need in one place so that your client can close their loan faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Complete with personalized branding for our agent partners, it’s never been easier to get your homebuyer through the home buying process with ease. Customize the app with your brand, contact information, logos, and custom buttons for a seamless home buying experience.


LoanNow Trainings

Getting Started with LoanNow: How to Sign In for the First Time

Learn how to access the LoanNow mobile app for the first time after you receive the invitation link from your FHM loan officer.

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LoanNow Partner App: What’s On the Info Screen

A breakdown of what is found on the Info page of your co-branded mobile app, including contact information, access to the profile page, viewing web links, and where to go in order to share the app.

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LoanNow Partner App: Contact Tab

In this video from SimpleNexus, Partners will get a view from the Partner’s app showing how Servicers (Loan Officers) and App Users (Customers) are listed and what details can be seen.

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Sharing Your LoanNow Mobile App with Clients

Details about how the app can be shared from any mobile device to new or existing clients.

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Brand Your App for a Personalized Experience

Once your First Heritage Mortgage Loan Officer shares the app with you, you can customize it to have your branding. Add your home search, testimonials and reviews from previous customers, custom links, headshot, and company logo for a branded experience. Putting the app in the hands of homebuyers gives them a digital business card, so they always know how to contact you.

Share Your App for a Modern Home Buying Experience

Builder partners can take advantage of LoanNow to capture more business, gain client insight, and improve the overall buyer experience. Once you are set up with the app, you can easily share it with your clients to take your business mobile.

Features Designed to Simplify Your Life

Mortgage Calculator

  • Homebuyers can accurately calculate rates for FHA, Conventional, USDA, and VA loans.
  • Gives borrowers a complete view of what their monthly payments might be, and shows all their options with an affordability calculator.
  • You can view saved calculations from your prospective borrowers to gain greater insight into their buying intentions.

Effortlessly Upload Documents

  • Borrowers have the ability to upload required documents simply by taking a picture with their phone’s camera.
  • The document scanner is both CFPB compliant and AICPA secure, meaning all uploaded documents are secure with bank-level encryption.

Borrower Alerts and Push Notifications

  • Borrowers receive reminder alerts for required documents and deadlines.
  • Allows borrowers to stay on track of their loan with milestone notifications as it progresses.
  • Partners can view the mortgage process with greater transparency, enabling a smoother buying experience

Paperless Organization

  • Have borrower mortgage information with you wherever you go.
  • Eliminate your paper load by designating a single spot for your documents.
  • Save time by having all the information you’ll ever need loaded within the app.

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