Total Expert for Samson Properties

Total Expert provides Samson Properties agents with a robust CRM equipped to handle all your mortgage marketing needs.

A CRM with Real Estate–Specific Capabilities

Total Expert offers an eclectic combination of contact management, lead nurturing, and branding. Provided free to our partners at Samson Properties, this CRM provides the foundation for your modern marketing & sales needs. Nurture relationships and reach consumers with the right message at the right time, enabling a smooth home buying process.


Total Expert on multiple devices.

Track Contacts & Nurture Leads

  • Store up to 2,000 leads, clients, and other business contacts
  • Stay organized with contact groups and easy segmentation
  • Keep in touch with your contacts, and build stronger relationships
  • Increase referrals with more consistent contact with your customers

Mortgage Marketing Suite

  • Access a growing library of professionally designed marketing materials
  • Present your properties to potential buyers
  • Educate your clients about the home buying process
  • Each piece of collateral is custom branded with your headshot and contact information

Capture Open House Leads

  • Open house visitors sign in with a simple form on your laptop or tablet
  • Contact information is instantly added to your database
  • Automated drip campaigns provide personalized follow-up without you lifting a finger

Create Gorgeous Listing Websites

  • Tie your listings directly to your Total Expert profile for easy access
  • Create gorgeous mobile-friendly websites in less than 60 seconds with pre-made templates that pull property listing information directly from the MLS database
  • Brand your website and easily share with minimal effort

Step Up to the Next Level with Instructor-Led Trainings

Spend less time on the learning curve and more time on your business. Get up to speed fast with both live and on-demand training sessions. Attend featured trainings that focus on onboarding, best practices, and feature spotlights by the Total Expert support team, or get catered training sessions provided by your Loan Officer and the First Heritage Mortgage Marketing Team.

View On-Demand Trainings

Additional Total Expert Trainings

Total Expert Overview for Real Estate Professionals

Total Expert Overview for Real Estate Professionals
6 Minutes

  • In this video, Partners will get a high-level overview of Total Expert’s incredible benefits. You will see how Total Expert helps you gain more traffic, utilize email marketing via drip and auto-campaigns, access a library of marketing materials, showcase property listings in beautiful custom templates, and more!
  • Watch Video

Total Expert Basics for Real Estate Professionals

Total Expert Basics for Real Estate Professionals
58 Minutes

  • In this session, Partners new to Total Expert will learn how to leverage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities to build and maintain strong relationships. Partners will also learn about professional, easy-to-create marketing assets that can be used for co-marketing with First Heritage Mortgage Loan Officers.
  • Watch Video

One-on-One Training with FHM

We’re always happy to help set up one-on-one or small group trainings for how to use and get the most from the Total Expert platform.

Contact your FHM loan officer today to request your training! 

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