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Who is my FHM loan officer? How do I find out?

There are one or more dedicated FHM loan officers available in your Samson Properties office!

Click below to download the latest list of FHM loan officers working in each Samson Properties location:

Find Your FHM Loan Officer

What is the advantage of using FHM instead of another lender?

The financing process runs more smoothly when you work with a lender who knows what both the buyer and the builder need from
the beginning to the end of the building process.

Samson Properties and First Heritage Mortgage are a team – and your buyers will be part of that team, too. This unrivaled team approach provides a streamlined home buying process with clear, up-to-date communication between all parties, during all steps along the way
to closing.

FHM offers unparalleled service. Your FHM loan officer will get to know each buyer and help them pre-qualify with the best loan options for their situation, so when they start working with you to look for their dream home, they will already know what they can afford. FHM has in-house loan processing, underwriting, and closing to speed up the loan time and ensure a smooth process.

Using FHM can save your client time and money, too. FHM offers a full range of financing options, competitive rates, and expert mortgage counseling from local experts who are familiar with the community.

Why do business with FHM?

Samson Properties is a great place to work because of their dedication to agents, and to keeping buyers happy throughout the home buying process. The founders recognized that securing proper financing was the most challenging and unpredictable element in buying or building a home.

As the preferred lender for Samson Properties, First Heritage Mortgage will ensure that the mortgage process is smooth, simple, and stress-free for your customers.

Samson Properties has partnered with FHM as its preferred lender because of its unparalleled expertise in mortgage lending, wide array of ever-evolving home financing solutions, streamlined operations, and personal touch – all of which add up to create an effortless loan management process for all parties involved.

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